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Our Commitment to Maintaining Your New Vision

Dr. Hyver is dedicated to the satisfaction of his laser vision correction patients.  That’s why we offer qualifying patients our Extended Care Program (“ECP”).

The ECP includes our standard course of post-operative exams following any laser vision correction procedure we perform.  For eligible patients, the ECP also provides free laser vision correction enhancements, which are surgical re-treatments intended to correct a change in vision should that condition arise following the completion of your initial treatment.

Please keep in mind that not all laser vision correction after-care programs are as comprehensive as ours.  Some may require that you attend and pay for an annual eye exam to maintain program eligibility, while others may provide one free enhancement but charge you the full price for all subsequent enhancements.  You should thus review the written details of these programs to ensure you understand what’s covered, including the extent of your financial obligations.

To learn more about our ECP, including other terms and conditions that may apply, please call 800.454.2747.