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Solutions for Reading Vision

Until recently, the primary means of correcting presbyopia — i.e., the age-related, naturally-occurring loss of reading vision — has been the use of reading glasses, either stand-alone or in some combination with other powered lenses in a bifocal, trifocal, or progressive configuration.

If you’re over 40, and you want to be entirely free of your contact lenses and glasses, then Dr. Hyver may be able to solve the dual objective of clear distance and reading vision by using a laser vision correction technique called Monovision.

In Monovision, Dr. Hyver corrects one eye for distance vision, and the other eye for reading vision, by producing a targeted nearsighted prescription in the reading eye.  Monovision enables patients to switch focus depending on the vision objective.  For example, on a golf course, you can track the ball in flight using primarily your distance eye, and then review the small print of the scorecard using primarily your near eye.

Even though many of our patients over the age of 40 elect and enjoy their monovision for reading vision, it’s not necessarily right for everyone, so talk to Dr. Hyver at your consultation to learn more.