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Get Your Free “Virtual” LASIK Consultation with Dr. Scott Hyver!

Virtual LASIK Consultation
Dr. Scott Hyver is now offering free 30-minute televideo Virtual LASIK Consultations!

That’s right: now you can start your LASIK journey by attending a Virtual LASIK Consultation with Dr. Hyver, thereby completing the “first half” of your regular LASIK consultation. Then later, you can attend a short appointment at any one of our offices to complete the “second half” of your consultation, which includes the diagnostic and refractive testing that will enable Dr. Hyver to confirm your medical candidacy and arrive at his final treatment recommendation.

During your 30-minute televideo Virtual Consultation, Dr. Hyver will ask you about your prescription and current correction, and what’s motivating you to seek laser vision correction. He’ll then discuss how he medically qualifies patients for treatment, the treatment options available (e.g., LASIK, PRK, and SMILE), and the benefits and risks of treatment. He’ll also address any questions you may have.

Scheduling your Virtual LASIK Consultation with Dr. Hyver is easy:

1. Complete the form on this page, selecting “Yes, a Virtual Consultation” from the “Would you like a consultation?” picklist.

2. One of our Patient Counselors will then email you the available dates for your Virtual Consultation with Dr. Hyver.  Just reply to the email with the date and time that works best, and a Patient Counselor will then send you the televideo invite for that appointment.

3. Then join Dr. Hyver at that appointment time for your Virtual Consultation!

After Dr. Hyver departs the meeting with you, the Patient Counselor will remain on the video line if you’d like to learn more about our services, pricing and aftercare program, or if you’d like to schedule the in-office part (i.e., “second half”) of your consultation.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800.454.2747. Otherwise, Dr. Hyver looks forward to seeing you at your Virtual Consultation!